Office Policies


Endocrinology Nuclear Medicine Assoc, PA, strives to provide our patients with quality care and the highest standards of professionalism. The following office policies help us to maintain and achieve our goals.

Please call the office and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you. A referral is required from the primary care provider or treating physicians if you are a new patient. For established patients, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. If your insurance requires you to have a referral from your primary care doctor, please call our office to make sure if you have one on file. Patients will be rescheduled if no referral is obtained for that date of service, or you will be responsible for the charges.

All cancellations or reschedules of follow-up appointments require a 24-hour notice. Please note that failure to cancel appointments, or “no-show,” for three appointments may result in dismissal from the practice.

We strongly adhere to HIPAA regulations to maintain the confidentiality of our patients' medical records. Patient consent is required before records can be released to the patient, insurance companies, law offices, or any other entity. Please fill out our Medical Release Form and fax to 210-223-5492.

Always bring your insurance card to your appointment and notify our staff with any changes of your information. Please be prepared to pay your copayment, coinsurance, and deductible prior to your appointment. We accept most health insurance; please see the Health Insurance Plans we are in-network with.
  • All co-pays, deductibles, co-insurances and previous balances are due at check-in.
  •  Failure to give a 24-hour notice or repeated missed appointments or reschedules will also result in a $30.00 fee. The fee will be collected prior to your being seen for your next appointment.
  • All balances due from the patient are payable immediately. If you are unable to make payment in full, please speak to the billing office to make financial arrangements. 
  • Insurance is filed as a courtesy to our patients. Please bring your card with you to each visit. If you have insurance but cannot produce a valid card, you will be considered a "self pay" patient and payment in full will be expected at each visit until a valid card is produced. No insurance will be filed on services over 45 days old.

For questions about insurance or billing please contact our business office at (210) 223-5483.